At Facets Fine Jewelry, our passion is crafting unique, custom pieces that reflect the individual style and personality of our clients. Our process is highly collaborative, encouraging a fusion of imagination and experience to create jewelry that is beautiful, meaningful and highly functional. Our experienced jewelers combine their vast technical skills with exceptional communication abilities, ensuring your visions are brought to life in exquisite detail. Come join us and create a piece that tells your story in a captivating way. We don't just make jewelry, we make memories.

At our jewelry design studio, we offer a highly personalized, collaborative approach to creating stunning pieces of custom jewelry. Beginning with an initial consultation, we collaborate closely with our clients, creating hand-drawn sketches to visualize your unique ideas. We then bring these sketches to life with lifelike CAD illustrations, offering an exact visual representation of your piece. Our dedicated team of designers ensures the approval of every client at each stage, from sketching to the 3D wax model, which is a replica of the finished piece, made possible through the lost wax casting process. With your involvement, we refine the design, conduct fitting, and add the final details such as setting stones or adding engraving to ensure absolute satisfaction. Our ultimate aim is to bring your vision to life and create a unique piece of jewelry that truly represents your style and taste. Your input is highly valued at every step, ensuring that the end product will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Be part of the exciting journey of creating a piece that will be cherished for generations.

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