Facets Fine Jewelry Repairs watches and does complete watch restoration. Most watch battery and watch strap replacements are done while you wait.

Mechanical and Electronic Watch Repair
  • Tune Up –  New gaskets and spring bars, case polished and cleaned
  • Stem & Crown repaired or replaced
  • Replace Crystal – Plastic or mineral glass, or scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Polish – Watch case and bracelet
  • Dial Refinishing
  • Watch Overhaul/Restoration – Complete disassembly and cleaning, new mainspring, inspection of parts for wear, assembly, adjustment, regulation, case cleaning and polishing

All fine timepieces require periodic maintenance. The oil in the movement lasts about three years. Once the oil breaks down, moving parts will wear, affecting the accuracy of the watch or clock. Routine servicing of your watch will extend its life.

Gaskets break down over time, allowing moisture into your watch and ruining the movement. Have your watch tuned up periodically so you can enjoy it!

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